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Why Private Dentistry

The Gift of Time

We strongly believe in prevention rather than cure. If the dentist needs to spend an hour explaining to a parent why their little girl has a decayed tooth and how she can stop it happening again, then we can do just that. If we need to spend three-quarters of an hour doing a scale and polish, and then teaching someone the correct way to clean their teeth, we can.

Many patients at Debenham Dental tell us that as an NHS patient elsewhere in the past, they felt their appointments were short and rushed, and treatment options were not discussed. The treatment was also often spaced out over long time periods because appointments simply weren’t available.

As a private dental clinic, we are able to offer you the gift of time – time to discuss your case, time to identify the best treatment plan, and time to carry out that treatment to everyone’s satisfaction.

We offer longer appointment times and we do not have the pressure of having to achieve a certain number of ‘units of dental activity’ (pilot schemes are currently underway to see how UDAs can be phased out for NHS dentists as it is notana effective system). Longer appointment times mean we can get to know you, your history, your fears (if you’re a nervous patient) and also what improvements you would like to make to your smile.

Wider choices of dental treatment

As an NHS dentist, the dentist has to comply with a finite list of options for your treatment, whereas there are no boundaries for private treatment except the skills and experience of the dentist. So every treatment plan has a potentially broader range of options. If need an advanced technique to save a tooth – we can use this.

As we are freed from a set of rules, if you want, say, a crown made from superior materials, a denture with realistic-looking teeth or a white filling, instead of metal, we can provide these.

We are a mercury free practice and don’t use dental amalgam, which does contain mercury. Also, when we remove metal fillings we protect you with dental dam, so you won’t swallow bits of metal from the old filling.

A clear understanding of your treatment plan

Although the NHS offers a clear three-band price structure, unexpected charges can arise if you need a similar treatment after two months of initial payment, even if it falls within the same price band. Undoubtedly, private dentistry does cost more but the additional expense often reflects benefits such as those already discussed, e.g. longer appointment times, more thorough treatments, better equipment, cutting-edge materials and techniques, help for nervous patients, and more comprehensive resources within the practice. With private dental care, you will always receive an itemized outline of your treatment plan, so you can check you understand what you’re paying for and what your care will entail.

Treatment Guarantee

NHS treatment guarantees for only one year but, at Debenham Dental, we will guarantee all private inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, implant restorations & implant posts, and veneers for a 3 to 5 year period.

Fillings and other adhesive works are guaranteed for two years.

Ultimately, private dentistry gives you choice. It allows you to be involved in treatment planning and lets you benefit from a full range of options.